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What to see near Comillas (I): Bosque de Sequoias, Barrio de la Iglesia, Santillana del Mar.

Comillas by itself is well worth a visit to Cantabria, but the truth is that the surrounding area offers a festival of nature and art. We have already talked about the beaches of Oyambre and Comillas here, but if we continue with the landscapes there is one that I love and that is, to say the least, strange in the middle of the meadows of the region: I am referring to the Forest of Sequoias in Cabezón de la Sal.

Bosque de Sequoias

The history is interesting. During the 40's of the last century there was an interest in planting them for timber exploitation but, when they reached the necessary age, fortunately the project was forgotten. Thanks to this, we have a forest of specimens typical of the East Coast of the United States and they can reach 100 mts, although the ones you will see here only reach 40 mts. However, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

The travel time varies according to the route you choose, from twenty minutes to two hours.

You can get more information at este blog, I found it interesting.

Calzada Romana Barrio de la Iglesia

Very close to Comillas, in Ruiloba is the neighborhood of the Church.

It is a village where time seems to have stopped. From there you can make a beautiful route to the Mirador de Yeyo. But what is surprising and little known is its Roman road, very well preserved. It is worth a visit.

Finally, if there is a well-known town, it is Santillana del Mar, also jokingly known as La Villa de las Tres Mentiras, because it is neither Santa, nor Llana, nor is it on the edge of the sea. In the past it was possible to visit the cave art of Altamira, however, since the visits seriously damaged the monument, it was decided to make a fantastic reproduction of the cave art caves. (Neocueva) y habilitar un museo. If you click on the link you will get information for your visit.

Cuevas de Altamira

However, Santillana del Mar is much more than that, it is a perfectly preserved village that transports you to another place when you walk through its stone streets. It is worth seeing the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana, a jewel of Romanesque architecture in the area and stroll along the Calle del Rey, the Plaza Mayor where you find the most significant manor houses: La Torre del Merino, Casa del Águila, Casa de la Parra.

Here I leave you the page of the Tourist Office of Santillana del Mar so you can organize your visit.

I hope that with the small "appetizer" that has been this entry you feel like visiting these places.

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