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What others highlight about Comillas...

All of Cantabria is beautiful, that's for sure, but Comillas is special. That is the reason why its hotel offer, be it tourist apartments or hotels, is so wide. Today we collect echo of two publications that refer to treasures that Comillas guards.

Playa de Oyambre,Parque Nacional.

HOLA magazine, referring to the fantastic Playa de Oyambre, which we have already talked about in a previous entry referring to surfing. In this case, we emphasize not so much the exceptional beach that it is, but rather its surroundings, which constitute a natural park. And it is that it has everything: in its interior, Mount Corona offers a wooded area with an enormous variety of protected fauna and flora that make up a unique ecosystem and in the coastal area the marshes constitute ornithological enclaves in which migratory birds (cranes, herons...), coming from other European areas, come to land year after year.

Se suceden hermosos acantilados y arenales en el que las dunas son las protagonistas: las Oyambre and Merón beaches are a spectacle to enjoy sunbathing or enjoying a day at the beach, surfing or as part of a hiking trail. Without forgetting the Picos de Europa as a background. Does anyone give more?

Palacio de Sobrellano

The Palace of Sobrellano appears as one of the Palaces of Cantabria worth visiting, according to the Diario de Cantabria, along with the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander, the Palacio de los Conde Isla-Fernández in Isla, the Palacio de Soñanes in Villacarriedo and others. By the way, if you want to visit it, the Palace of Sobrellano appears as one of the Palaces of Cantabria worth visiting, according to the here you have visiting hours.

Ermita de Santa Lucia

National Geographic dedicates an article to hermitages of Cantabria by the sea. Among them, the Ermita de Santa Lucía stands out, although it has nothing to do with the modernism that attracts so many visitors to Comillas, its simplicity and, above all, its location make it well worth a visit. From its location you can see the port and the beach of the Villa. It was built thanks to the donations of the sailors and the tradition says that from there the fishermen watched the whales and warned them to go out to sea.

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