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Fiestas del Santo Cristo del Amparo in Comillas july 13-17.

Cartel de las Fiestas del Cristo 2022

Popular festivals are the common denominator of summer. In the last post we talked about Feria del Indiano in this weekend, but now we are going to talk about la Semana Grande de Comillas: las Fiestas del Santo Cristo del Amparo (el Cristu), patron saint of Comillano fishermen, with the original pre-pandemic format.

According to seafaring tradition, one day in July of the 17th century (probably the infernal gale of 1676) the entire fleet was fishing when a violent gale broke out that surprised the fishermen at sea, causing the anguish of relatives and neighbors who they hurriedly ran to the sea shore, watching with great concern as their sailors tried to reach land with enormous difficulties without any hope.

In the midst of the strong storm, the parish priest of the Village began a litany imploring the Santo Cristo del Amparo while the people knelt accompanying him in his supplication, and when he pronounced the name of the Santo Cristo del Amparo with his arms in the air, a terrible lightning struck him. He fulminated ending his life at the same time that the gale stopped. The people of Comillas were saddened by the death of the savior priest and at the same time breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the fishermen arrive safe.

This is remembered in this fair.

Procesión del Cristo

From the sand castle contest on the 13th, with which these festivities begin, to its closing with the regional Karaoke contest on Sunday night, there will be multiple activities for all tastes. If you want to consult the program, do it here. To enjoy!!!

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