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Restaurants in Comillas (experienced myself)

La Casa de Fito apartamento turístico blog restaurantes en Comillas aperitivo en la Caracola
Aperitivo en la Caracola

Hello, today we are going to reverse the popular saying "man does not live by bread alone" and. take care precisely of the bread (if it is accompanied by something else better). The previous entries were about cultural visits, both monuments and musical events, such as the Beltane Fest, which I am talking about here:

We wouldn't get the most out of Comillas if we didn't taste one of its many restaurants. There are many very good ones (others not so much...) but, as I mentioned at the beginning, we will talk about the ones we have been to and what I liked.

For me the top one is El Carel Restaurant, I like its imaginative food, it is something different from the classic seaport rations, which, on the other hand, I love. But if you are looking for something different I think you will like it. It is on Calle Infantas 2, past the Plaza de los Tres Caños, it is not even 10 minutes from the apartment.

Further on, on Calle Infantas 15, is Taberna La Maroma. This one is for small portions and hamburgers, much more informal. It has some very rich sardines and we ate some scallops to remember. He is always crowded. 10 minutes from Casa de Fito.

And if you go straight on, five more minutes on foot, you will arrive at Comillas beach. We have visited three: La Caracola, on Calle Jesús Cancio 13, with a privileged location facing the sea. We love to have an aperitif there. La Guardamuelles, at Jesús Cancio 6, with a finger-licking potato omelette. La Taberna el Muelle, on Paseo del Muelle 19, B, we ate some fantastic "navajas" clams there. In Plaza Corro, I stay with Gravalosa for a home-cooked meal. La Terrazuca has good views over the square, and a "hipster" touch. There are many more sites, but I have to experiment on the ground. Any help is little, so if someone discovers a site worthy of being named, let us know, so that the list of sites to enjoy will grow.

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