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Feria de Indianos in Ribadedeva June, 8 to 10.

Cartel Feria de Indianos Ribadedeva

In other bloga entries I have collected information about the festivals that, since the beginning of summer, are reproduced like mushrooms throughout the Spanish geography. The entry dedicated to the festival de música held in Comillas last month is a good excample of this.

Today I come to talk abour another popular event very close to here.

30 km from Comillas, on the road carretera A-8,going into neighboring Asturias, we can enjoy some festivals that premiere their status as Festivals of Tourist Interest of the Principality of Asturias and that renewed energy after the pandemix break. This is the Feria de Indianos, which in its XIV edition is dedicated to Mexiso and will take place this weekend.

In this Fair, gastronomy, music, theater, guided tours set in the period, conferences, workshops... are mixed, so fun is guaranteed for chidren and adults.

Feria de Indianos dedicada a México

If you are interested in participating in these parties, here you can consult the program, which as you can see is full of surprises.

If you want to understand to whom and to what tribute is paid at these parties, be sure to see this video where a brief history of those who had to leave thir home and enter unknown world to find a better future is told.

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