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Ara Malikian world tour 2023: Comillas, Agoust,15 th in Los Caprichos Musicales.

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Concierto Ara Malikan Comillas La Casa de Fito Alquiler vacacional
Ara Malikian-World Tour Comillas

Ara Malikian needs no introduction, and even less so for the Comillans, but in case there are any clueless, Ara Malikian is without doubt one of the most brilliant, eclectic and expressive violinists of his generation, and it is impossible to pigeonhole him. Nor do we pretend to.

He has long collaborated in the organisation of Los Caprichos Musicales de Comillas, in which he has participated in all its editions from 2004 to 2018, resuming it in 2020 until now. What began as a tourist trip awoke in him a "love story with Cantabria" that has led him to appreciate its people, its places, its gastronomy, performing throughout the length and breadth of its geography. In his words, "when you feel happy in a place you don't need to know why, it simply creates something magical and I know that I'm happy here. And that's it. This is what he declared in an article in the newspaper . And that's saying a lot for someone whose personal and professional career has seen him travel and perform all over the world, playing in the best concert halls. I really like this article from the Argentinian newspaper El Tiempo, sums up very well the personality that marks Ara Malikian's performances and what we can expect from his concerts.

I'm not going to say much more, I'm sure there are better articles about this great violinist out there. I only suggest that you go and see him in Comillas, because in such a spectacular setting as the Palacio de Sobrellano, the magic and passion of Ara Malikian will only grow exponentially, making it one of those moments that we all treasure in our memory, grateful for having lived and enjoyed it. At the web Ara Malikian you can do it possible.

Rarely does La Casa de Fito Comillas accept bookings for a single night. And I know that in Comillas it is almost mission impossible at this time of year, but if you decide to attend the concert, you can stay with us and enjoy the event without rushing, go out for dinner, have a drink...

I believe you won't regret it, word from La Casa de Fito Comillas...

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